Sanitation is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Healthcare is responding appropriately, by taking extra precautions for the safety of their patients and staff. This includes manually wiping down surfaces in between patients to sanitize their facilities. Unfortunately, frequently touched surfaces, such as keyboards and door handles, are often missed.

We have never had to deal with a global pandemic on this scale before. Two local entrepreneurs, Eric Maziol and Morgan Lewis, have teamed up to create a new tool to help the fight against COVID. They have started a revolution in the safety of healthcare, right here in Buffalo. The company is called NewSource UV.

NewSource UV creates innovative area-sterilization systems for healthcare and other facilities. The mission is to make healthcare safer, by making UV-C sterilization technology accessible to everyone.

NewSource UV has created a system for doctors’ offices and other clinical environments to sterilize exam rooms between patients. Rather than using chemicals to clean surfaces, germicidal UV-C lamps in the room deactivate any DNA and RNA based microorganisms on surfaces and in airborne droplets - something chemicals can’t do. It’s faster, easier, and more consistent than manual cleaning.

While UV-C radiation has been used to sterilize operating rooms and surgical equipment in hospitals and water treatment plants for decades, it has never been brought to the practice level. Hospitals incorporating this technology into their sanitation procedures have shown a reduction of 30-70% in patients acquiring infections from the hospital setting. This has made the incorporation of UV-C technology an easy decision. MTA is now using it to sterilize trains in NYC.

Operating it is simple. First, make sure nobody is in the room. UV is bad for germs, and it’s bad for people. Next, close the door and hold the button to activate. Once activated, the system will run for a preset time based on the size of the room, and the UV-C output from the lamps. The system may be interrupted at any time by opening the door—the germicidal lamps will deactivate and normal lighting is turned on before you can see into the room. There is also a motion detector inside the room, which will deactivate the system.

Eric Maziol is the founder of Buffalo Information Systems which provides IT and Voice services for local healthcare practices. Morgan Lewis is a Master Electrician and the owner of NewSource, a commercial electrical contracting company, based in Lockport, NY.

Both innovators and science junkies, Morgan and Eric founded NewSource in 2015 with the vision of creating new energy storage technologies for homes and electric vehicles. Though these projects are ongoing, coronavirus has come to the forefront of their attention. When one of Eric’s clients expressed interest in a decontamination room he and Morgan built, that got them thinking: “Everybody is talking about their own safety, but who is talking about the safety of the doctors and nurses. What can we do to help them out?” This is our answer.